Hi everyone, welcome to my channel, I’m Gabrielle Today I’m going to ask Chinese women what is your ideal life partner like? Do you have requirements about his looks, personalities and income What are the top 3 things you look for in a man Let’s see how they answer I’m not tall, but I want someone who’s tall I’m 162cm, I think I’ll pick a guy who’s 180cm Not much to ask for his looks, as long as I don’t hate his looks If we’re compatible, looks don’t matter [On a scale of 1-10, what’s your minimum requirement for his looks] 6 or 7, I hope him to be a cheerful person I like sunny guys [Are there many guys who are 6 or 7 in the society?] No, most are around 3 to 5 But if the feeling’s right…

One guy I liked before was like only 3 or 4 in the society But I liked him a lot Cheerful and good-looking, and taller than me My height is 176cm, so I hope my partner can be over 183cm My requirement for his height is above 175cm Not much requirement for looks When I met my husband, I just felt right As far as I could remember, I never thought about the looks I wanted Like he must be handsome, fair-skinned, or tall. Never – Not too ugly to look at – low requirement [On a scale of 1-10, what’s your minimum requirement for his looks] 6 or 7 is good [Do you think it’s common to see guys who are or above 6 or 7] Not common I guess Right, guys who’re 6 or 7 and the right tpye to YOU are not common He must look clean, confident, and good-looking Not much requirement for body shape, but not too fat or skinny His height should be above 180cm Like Deng Lun (a celebrity) Deng Lun’s height (184cm) and face. Very nice to me [On a scale of 1-10,

what’s your minimum requirement for his looks] 8 [Do you think it’s common to see guys who are or above 8] No, not really 7 [Do you think it’s common to see guys who are or above 7?] Quite few He must be taller than me I’m kinda tall among girls The ideal height for my boyfriend will be 180cm or above I prefer a slightly fat body I like slightly fat guys. I don’t like skinny guys I personally like guys who are slightly fat Feels safe Taller than me, and not ugly [How tall are you?] 179cm Height is the most important, and don’t be too ugly Confident and generous personality. What’s more important is to be steady and trustworthy Humorous, fun and respectful of parents The requirement for the inside is higher and more than looks Because he’s someone who you’ll spend the rest of your life with My requirement is he at least should be a responsible person The sense of respnsibility is most important I personally like responsible, loving, and humorous men Not too irritable.

Gentle and kind are good Outgoing and humorous personality The sense of humor is quite important. I like fun people And he should be gentle and respect parents He must have positive values, and I like kind guys And cute [What do you mean by “cute”?] I mean being childlike, which contrasts to his looks He might look big and strong but when he’s with me, he will show me the childlike part of him See how he treats the world and families If he doesn’t love his parents, he won’t become my life partner Because if he doesn’t even love his parents I can’t imagine what he will do in the future So the most important thing is to love and respect parents If we’ll get married, I want him to treat me and my parents well Requirements for his inside are more strict than looks First of all, he should be upright, and have a nice personality And good temper [What do you mean by good personality?] I mean he can’t be nosy or cheap I hope he’s kind, nice and cute He can’t be too bad,

I mean he at least can’t beat woman Job? He can have the same job as me His income shouldn’t be lower than mine [What’s your job?] I’m a police officer Not much requirement He and I should both be financially independent I didn’t think about it when I was in school but when I started working I realised we would face many realistic problems You’ll get married, buy a house, and support children to school So you’ll have preference But about income, I don’t ask too much as long as he can support our family and everyday expenses Income doesn’t really matter, but what matters is he should work hard to move up for better life Not much requirement, just do a job he’s passionate about Similar to my income Enough for daily expense.

Save money as much as possible If we can’t save any, his income should cover our everyday expense Depending on where he works, if in Handan (the city) I hope his income can be $1069-$1374 per month plus my income, we’ll make over $1527 a month I work in a county, which is smaller and less developed than the city So my requirement won’t be too high. As long as our income combined is over $1527 a month Enough to use. Simple life is real life Enough to use Higher than my income No requirement if he makes good money Responsibility, persistence and hardwork First is integrity Second, he should plan for the future. Be responsible Third, be a man – Don’t be… – Girly and nosy – Yes.

Don’t ask for too much Be mature. A man should be mature I think just don’t be petty and have positive values First, fun. Second, confident and generous. Third, upright The most important thing is he’s fun person, who has a unique soul Second, be steady and trustworthy. Being trustworthy is more important Third, treat parents well Kind, mature, and treat me well Love parents, kind, and hardworking First, love parents Be passionate about his career. Plan for the future His qualities. His income and financial conditions He must respect his parents and wife Hope you enjoy today’s video If you’re still here, don’t forget to subscribe If you wanna see other topics, please leave a comment below I’ll read all the comments Thank you so much for watching, I’ll see you next time

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