Hi everyone, welcome to my channel Today I’m going to ask Chinese people “what do you think of body positivity” Also I’ll ask guys do you care if girls have belly fat? It’s hard to see such videos in China Almost everybody I know wants to be skinny or skinner So let’s see how they will react No, I haven’t I haven’t seen such video in China Maybe there are more of these videos outside China No. We tend to like feminine and gentle looks The skinnier, the prettier People upload videos with skinny body to catch eyeballs But America… Oh I really like how real things are in America They show their real body and looks, instead of covering up And they don’t beautify delibrately Unlike the streetshots with long-leg filter on China’s Tiktok They’re more honest One typical example in China is Lamuyangzi She took a great set of vintage style photos, wearing tight dress, tank top and stockings to show her beautiful body I agree with what they do Because I went through the journey from skinny to fat My clothes used to be tighter, and now I’m like the person in the video Nothing to be embarrased about My girlfriend has much belly fat There’s nothing to be shameful or embarrassed about it There’re tall, short, fat, and skinny people in the world It’s all normal Things are different in these two cultures In China, this video is embarrassing But in the west, people worship freedom Then this video is great [What do YOU think of this video?] Personally, the video’s embarrassing It’s both embarrassing and confident I support what she did, because confidence is the most important thing The video is good I hope such video can be spread to China To give people positive idea of their body What she did is great.

Confidence is the best beauty [Do you mind of having belly fat?] Yes, I do mind. I don’t want belly fat It really bothers me. I don’t allow myself to have belly fat Chinese took voluptuous body as beauty in ancient times But now our standard changed Maybe this is popular for westerners. It matches their trend But it might not match the beauty trend for us [What do YOU think of this video?] Personally, the video’s embarrassing [What do you think?] I support what she did.

I really like confident girls And I want to be confident too West is more open-minded. They’re brave to reveal their body But Chinese people use all kinds of beauty filters on photos We don’t want to show others the flaw of our looks I feel embarrassing more or less It’s good to confident But revealing the belly is too much The pursuit of thinness in China is a little absurd. A little bit For example, I’m fat [I don’t think so] I’m really fat I’m experiencing a series of things like body shame Actually this is not important for me, but others keep talking about it But my body is totally fine for me I don’t mind.

My goal is to feed her to 100 kilos It depends on how much fat she has [Like the girl in the video] Like that…If I’m attracted to her, I won’t mind A little belly fat is good But the girl in the video is like a pregnant woman. It’s not ok No, I don’t After the childbirth, my wife has belly fat inevitably And stretch marks and wrinkles. These are normal I don’t mind, because I have more fat than her [But you’re not fat] I’m fat, I’m very fat [What if your girlfriend’s body is like the girl in the video?] Then I will see if she has a pretty face – I don’t mind. – I don’t mind, either I like girls who’re slightly fat It’s cute to see they have fat on the face, legs and waist No, I don’t mind. I think it’s a good thing [Like the girl in the video?] I don’t mind. Slightly fat women are the best It’s ok to have a little fat, because girls love food I don’t like to eat, so I don’t have belly fat [It’s ok to have a little?] Yes, of course [Do you think the girl in the video has too much fat?] A little too much Maybe she made her fat look much in the video on purpose Not guilty or shameful But I think it feels so bad to be fat.

I won’t allow myself to be fat Being fat isn’t shameful Because fat and thin are both beautiful in their own way [You mean you don’t allow yourself to be fat, but others can?] Yes No, it’s not shameful Because people have different views on what’s beautiful Some people think fat is beauty Like in Tang dynasty (around 1200 years ago), fat women are the most beautiful. It’s nice [Do you like girls who are fat?] It’s ok to be slightly fat “Slightly fat” is men’s…(favorite) I won’t talk more about it [Do you think the girl in the video is slightly fat?] She’s just fat, she’s like super fat Not shameful. I’m fat [You’re not fat] I really am. Being fat is alright We all want to be more beautiful If you think you’re fat, just lose weight [Do you think you’re fat?] Yes [Alright, thank you] If your fat has influenced your health, it’s a bad thing for sure I hope I can be a “flexible fat girl” Which means I can run, jump, and move, and I enjoy exercise As long as I’m healthy No, not guilty. They just eat many good foods Rich nutrition I want to gain weight, but I can’t No, I never think being fat is shameful Everybody wants to be beautiful Being fat is also beautiful if they’re comfortable with it We skinny people don’t get to judge them Not shameful The fat and thin body are both good Being thin is pretty Being fat has its own benefit too [What benefit?] I don’t know Not shameful Many fat people will lose weight successfully [So you think being thin is better than fat?] Yes Not shameful.

It’s lucky to be able to eat a lot I don’t think it’s shameful Some love food, some don’t. Those who don’t want to be thin People who love to eat will be called fat and consider themselves fat But they’re happy when they eat [Nice answer, thank you] Hope you enjoy today’s video Don’t forget to subscribe, or give it a thumbs up, or leave a comment I’ll see you next time, bye bye

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