Hi everyone, welcome to my channel. I’m Gabrielle Today we’re gonna talk about high school If you have heard of the high schools in China Students study for like 10 hours or 12 hours a day But of course some high schools are strict and some are lenient I think the high schools in my province, Hebei, are generally more strict than the schools in the rest of the country So today I’m going to ask random people in my city what do they think of their high school I went to college in 2017, so I went to high school in 2014 [How was the workload? How much time spent on study and assignments?] From 7am to night. I had self-study classes till 11pm.

[How was the assignments?] I couldn’t finish them anyways. – I started doing the assignments at the evening self-study class. – Yeah, right Usually I could finish them by the end of the evening self-study class. I couldn’t, so I went home and went to bed at 11. How many subjects were there? Chinese, math, English, history, geography, politics, physics, chemistry, biology. 9 subjects in total. When did you go to high school? – It was like 2 years ago – Yeah, 2 years ago [How was the workload? How much time spent on study?] 4 classes in the morning, 4 in the afternoon.

Medium amount of classes Yeah, I had 3 evening self-study classes. Everyday was occupied. [What time for the classes?] It was like from 6:40am to around 9pm. Our class schedule was tight But we didn’t spend all the classes on study Occasionally we skipped some classes Morning reading started at 6:50am, and the class finished at 9pm I attended the day school, so I did homework at home [How long did you spend on homework] Not long. I wouldn’t finish most of the time Our head teacher at the third year of high school arrived at 6:10am to see if students are reading books etc. Yeah, of course! There must be no trash in the trash can.

No people on the bed when inspecting the dormitory Yeah, but we disobeyed the rules secretly And we had other regulations afterwards like, no water bottle on the desk No food in the desk drawer, no trash in the trash can No mop in the classroom Girls couldn’t dye their hair or tailor their uniforms etc. Our school would catch guys and girls who were close on the sports ground Girls weren’t allowed to have hair longer than ear-length Both guys and girls weren’t allow to curl their hair Phones and dating were absolutely not allowed And my school had a very strange regulation Our school canteen seperated the guys and girls.

They sat at different areas They weren’t allowed to eat together – Phone wasn’t allowed for sure – Yeah You could date off campus, but dating on campus would be strict [What if the teacher caught students dating?] Usually they would let your parents know [Any regulations in the dorm?] You must keep it organized, at least no stinky feet smell [Were you required to fold the blanket?] – Yes! – So much required [How?] The dorm superviser would check your dorm everyday to make sure you fold your blanket and tidy up your sheets [How should you fold your blanket?] Fold it like tofu [Any other regulations] – We have to jog every morning – It was a suffer [At what time?] – At 6 – At 6 No phone. Must keep short hair. No dating. Must wear uniforms [Is your hair allowed?] No, it must be at jaw length, and it couldn’t be curled or dyed [Would there be punishments if caught dating?] You would be suspended and have a teacher-parents meeting [Anybody was caught in your high school for dating?] Yeah, they were caught kissing in the school So they got suspended [What if get caught dating in the school?] – The teacher would meet your parents – Both students’ parents – Suspend you class and meet your parents It was like a meeting for your and your boyfriend’s parents 6, because I didn’t get a boyfriend 8 for me.

I think my high school is good It was happy overall [Even with so much homework?] Yeah, but that’s when I had real friends Will you recommend foreigners to go to high school in China? Of course, come! No, don’t come. Run! 10, because studying while having fun is the principle of high school I think I was very happy Maybe 10 Even though it was strict. Strict regulations would make us more self-disciplined I lacked self-discipline and willpower etc. 9, because it was an inevitable process It was past, so I wouldn’t complain And actually high school was good We indeed had many classes, and we didn’t want to listen But the classes were useful 9 I had beautiful memories. It was so much fun with friends I felt like the stress was so high, so I’ll give it a 6 – 8 – 9 I miss the old days High schoolers are rebellious So we might have made mistakes. Embarrassed to look back [Why give such a good rating?] Because high school was in adolescence. It was memorable [What would you say college means to most people] – It means maturity – Life finally begins [Will you recommend foreigners to study in China for high school?] Yes, because I heard that the exam in foreign college is only our high school level So I think it’s time for them to taste the bitterness [What about you?] I won’t, from what I know, foreign high schools are more fun When they come to China, they will be bored with the poor activities.

[Do you think your parents take ‘sending you to college’ importantly?] Yes, college is a must If you fail the college entrance exam, then do it again next year You must go to college Very important If you never go to college, parents will be like ‘your children never go to college’ It’s shameful Hope you enjoy this video As you can see, high school for us is tough, but still happy and meaningful Back to the question, is Chinese high school like hell or prison? I don’t think so Honestly for me, the pressure in college is even more than the pressure in high school I guess when you get older, life stops getting easier Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, or click a like

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