Hi everyone, welcome to my channel. I’m Gabrielle Today I’m going to ask people “What is inappropriate to wear in China?” For woman’s clothing, I gave them this picture and I asked them which ones are inappropriate to wear in public Personally I think 6 and 7 are ok, but the rest are a little too much As for man’s clothing, I asked them what’s ugly or what’s inappropriate to wear Let’s see how they answer I think none of them are appropriate [Why?] They are too revealing, right? I don’t think I can accept them Yes, especially those pics revealing upper body.

They’re not ok to me I’m straightforward about this [Can you tell me which number is not ok to you?] All of them, all of them, all of them [Besides the picture, can you think of other inappropriate clothing for women] Like lace stockings I think it’s acceptable if you only reveal shoulders but when it’s too revealing, I can’t stand it The pictures are fine.

They’re not too revealing To dress properly is to dress clean I think they’re all ok. None of them are inappropriate Because we’re in a era when women are free to dress as they please It’s their freedom to wear what they like to wear I think 5 and 6 Because she reveals too much skin. Too short Likely to expose privacy 7, because it’s too revealing [Others aren’t revealing?] Others are fine, this one is hard to take [Do you think it’s appropriate for girls to reveal breasts in public?] Can’t reveal too much [What about the No.1] My girlfriend doesn’t have such good body so I won’t consider that [What about revealing waist?] It’s ok if she’s not afraid to catch a cold [What about thigh?] Ok, if she’s not afraid of legache when she’s old.

Fine by me [What about butt? Like the No.5] Not ok, unacceptable to me. Afraid to reveal the private part No.2, 8, 5 and 7 [Why?] These clothes…I won’t dress so provocatively Especially No.5. I like this one the least No.4, 5 and 8 [Why?] They reveal too much skin [Is it appropriate to reveal breasts?] [Depending on how] [Like the No.1] No.1 is ok If she’s attending formal events, it’s ok [What about now, like in a shopping mall?] Not preferred, but ok These 8 all look ok to me It’s their freedom to dress as they like Dressing in a way they like is their choice I think No.1, only 1 The No.3 is ok, but the first one’s neckline is too low No.7 is inappropriate, others are fine I think it’s nothing wrong for girls to dress sexily to show their body curve But still social influence should be taken into consideration There are kids on the streets – No.7 – No.5 Revealing back isn’t good. In such weather, showing back is cold The shorts are too short.

They are better not to be that short If wearing pants, they should be long, and dress should be under knee The No.3 and 5. They look like the inner-layer clothing Especially No.3, there should be a jacket over it The No.5, oh my god, butt is out The No.5 and 4 are too revealing They must look good on other guys’ girlfriends But my girlfriend can’t wear these [Do you think it’s appropriate to show some breasts in public] Depending on how much is revealing The basic v-shape neckline tshirt is ok [What about the first one] Not ok for me. I won’t wear that because I don’t have such body Not ok for me, either [What about showing some waist?] – Ok, if she has good-looking waist – Yes, she should have the good body [What about legs? Like shorts] – Yes, like the No.6, but the No.5 is too short The No.5 is too short, and the 6 is just right – No.3 – No.1 It’s not very acceptable for traditional beauty standard [Besides these pics, are there other inappropriate clothing for women?] Like the see-through top with bra revealed.

Not so good Wearing clothes that don’t match your size Like dressing too tight that can’t cover your fat What’s too ugly? Walking around with upper body naked, very ugly And it’s disrespectful for others Dressing clean is good enough. Can’t ask for too much The tight ankle-length pants [Can men wear green hats or use green umbrella?] Better not if you have a girlfriend. Free to do so when you’re single The floral shorts, flip flops, and tank top Going out with slippers and shorts Fluorescent top, bean shoes and tights [Can men wear green hats or use green umbrella?] – Yes – Green umbrella is fine. As for green hat, it depends on if he minds its meaning (being cheated on) Nothing is inappropriate for men. What man wears isn’t important, right? Just don’t go out naked [Any clothes you recommend for women?] Dress. Girls wearing dress look elegent and beautiful I prefer casual clothes Loose clothes Girls don’t necessarily need to dress revealingly, just dress simple and clean Depending on how she looks If she’s pretty, everything will look pretty on her [Any recommendation for men?] The same Sports wear or suits. They are good-looking Suit and suit pants. Mature Uniqlo Jeans, canvas shoes or white skate shoes They will instantly make the guy more attractive Guy? Like his style Hope you like today’s video Please tell me what you think of it in the comment section If you want me to do other topics Please leave a comment as well Thank you so much for watching Don’t forget to click a like, or subscribe Bye bye

Could you explain?] Most Chinese like long and sharp nose, deep-set eyes and fair and clean skin It’s probably a contemporary beauty standard First of all, most black people are from Africa, which is a land in poverty So they’re less civilized on average It’s the same thing in China, for example, people who live in big cities would more or less dislike those uncivilized or rude people Because those people are usually not well-educated But it’s totally fine for a well-educated african to work in China That might be their personal reasons or…it’s hard to say… Maybe some were offened by black people before But disliking blacks is not common As long as foreigners in China obey our law, do not have inappropriate behaviors, and be friendly with us We shouldn’t hurt people who are nice to us, which is a Chinese tradition for many years This is how we treat our own people, also this is how we treat foreigners Just come to China, welcome! It has something to do with upbringing and personal reasons Personal reason is the key [You mean that’s their own problem if they don’t like black people?] Yes, personal reasons [Any other reasons?] Mostly because of personal reason, or this is how they are educated [Good, I see, thank you very much] Ok, it’s all for today’s video Please leave a comment below what do you think of it And if there are other topics you’re interested in Please leave a comment as well Thank you so much for watching, see you next time, bye bye

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