Hi everyone, welcome to my channel Today I’m going to ask Chinese men “What is your ideal life partner like?” Do you have requirements about her appearance, personality or income What are the top 3 things you look for in a woman Let’s see how they answer No requirements for her looks but the feeling at first sight matters Looks aren’t my first standard when choosing a partner [On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your minimum requirement for her looks] 7 or 8 [That’s quite high] I should at least like her looks [Are there many girls who are 7 or 8 in the society?]

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I think yes, depending on different cities Not much requirement, as long as I don’t hate her looks My requirement for my partner is low [On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your minimum requirement for her looks] 7 is ok [Do you think girls above 7 are common in the society?] I think alright 6 or 7 Over 160cm, body’s not too fat Her face should be the type that I won’t get tired of Tall girl, like 170cm Body shape… Her fat goes to where it should go Not much requirement for face [On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your minimum requirement for her looks] 10 is the best of course I think every man wants a 10 in their heart If I just want a girlfriend, above 5 is worth a try Personally I want a 10 She should be the best-looking to me, so I’ll marry her I don’t ask too much about looks as long as she’s not ugly Height…shorter than me, around 165cm or similar to my height. If she’s too tall, it’s a little… not good Average girls are good enough 6 or 7 is ok 6 is ok. I date her because she’s kind and simple So I think kindness matters the most 5 to 7 is ok. She doesn’t need to look perfect For example, I can take her to socialize I can show her to other people. That’s good enough She can’t be like going out with me without makeup or dressing up At least 6, above average 7, 7 or 8 He likes the cute type. He likes cute girls Height doesn’t matter.

Fair skin matters [It’s his preference or yours?] Both his and mine She should have the positive energy and positive values Not the sad, negative or gold digger girls My value for love is simple As long as she replys to my message, I don’t ask too much My requirement is very low, if we have a lot to talk about Just be a good person. Good person is enough Being extroverted is alright, but not too much I don’t have high requirements for looks, but I do for the inside We must be very compatible Good temper. Don’t believe the stupid things on the Internet It will give me a headache In the family, I hope she’s thoughful Pour me a glass of water when I get home I like casual personality, not too weak or dependent, which will embarrass me Have interests in common Respect and love parents Have no intention to harm others, which is important to me Not too materialistic. She can share the difficulties with me and enjoy the life with me Inside should be above 8 out of 10 She need to focus on something. Don’t be careless Both of us should work for the family.

That’ll be enough I don’t want to look for a partner because of my personality What’s more important is we can change some of our personalities for each other If we can sacrifice for love and relationship That’ll be more precious I like to see the world in an optimistic way Live at the present. Both of us should have an interesting soul People like to compare good looks with interesting souls I will prefer an interesting soul To get along, no matter it’s quality or personality It’ll be alright if we’re comfortable, happy and have a lot to talk about I hope she’s “clean” girl I mean she doesn’t have dirty social circles Kind, outgoing, and gentle are great Gentle, kind, and respectful of parents Gentle, knows what to do and what shouldn’t do, and listens to me No requirement, if we love each other, it’s even happy to eat mantou Not a big problem, I can support her As a man, this depends on a man’s capability If the man’s capable at work The woman can take an easier job, but she must have a job Because if you’re out of job, you’re cut off by the society I hope she’s passionate about something If money isn’t a problem,

I’ll support her to do whatever she likes No requirements, men should devote more in marriage For girls, just have a job she likes Income doesn’t matter I think girls’ income and job aren’t very important As long as she doesn’t do those sex related jobs [Are you ok with she making more money than you?] Sure, no problem My current income is enough to support a girlfriend I’m traditional on this income thing Women should be family-oriented I make money, I support you You carry the children, I raise the children It’s marriage You don’t need high income or a nice job I will take the responsibility in the family No, I hope I’m capable to support her to do whatever she wants No, I’m able to support her if I like her I prefer a stable job like teachers, doctors etc I will know what she’s doing Not much to ask for her income.

Just make the similar money as me Most important is she loves you, she loves you, she loves you Kindness, confidence, elegance First, don’t be too selfish. Second, respect and love parents And be loyal, don’t think about other men First is her attitude to people.

Her attitude to me and others And have a unique personality Don’t be too common, like everybody else. That’s dull And have a lot to talk about Knows what’s appropriate to do, and what’s not Trustworthy, loyal, family-oriented Kindness Kind, simple, respectful of parents Kind, honest, positive Kindness is the most important Second, we can complement each other My weakness, and her strength Last is to respect and love parents Gentle, sensible, kind [What about you] Fair skin, pretty, diligent

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